Bulk SMS Coverage and Pricing

Country Operator SMS Robocall
Nigeria MTN ₦1.95 ₦15.00
Nigeria Airtel ₦1.95 ₦15.00
Nigeria Globacom ₦1.95 ₦15.00
Nigeria Etisalat ₦1.95 ₦15.00
Nigeria Visafone ₦2.50 ₦15.00


* Ghana. USA. UK. South Africa - Call Support

* All Prices are for premium routes to ensure on-time delivery.



Sightscall Bulk SMS - Product Overview

  • Flexible Bulk Messaging Platform
  • Summarized report on SMS cost per mobile network for each message sent
  • Real time Naira billing; eliminates double billing on units/naira conversion
  • Duplicate numbers removal function
  • Distribution list; Create, Edit and Store numbers you send messages to often
  • Auto number formatting; converts your phone numbers to the standard "234" sending format.


Email - support@sightscall.com

Phone - +234-807-6161-511